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Monday, March 16, 2009

RGV Vets March For A Purpose

This weekend members of the Iraq and Afghanistan of the Rio Grande Valley started their march to the Audey Murphy VA Hospital in San Antonio Texas.

Although, I was initially planning on attending this Saturday, I did not make it. I had one of my wisdom teeth extracted and my braces tightened. So, I was in some pain like never before. I actually took some meds to help me out through the night. They sure did the job but slept through the Saturday morning.

As I was driving back to Austin on Sunday, I saw the Vets arriving to Falfurrias. Among those present was my good friend Shaine Mata. I give him props because I was gonna start the walk with him, but could not. If my boss lets me, I plan on walking on Thursday onto Friday! That will sure be fun.

I have been around listening to the need of a Veteran's Hospital in the RGV for quite some time. I have small talk with my dad who is a Vietnam Vet. He tells me a hospital in the RGV is long over due but, if does come in the near future, he hopes that is staffed with quality professionals as the San Antonio Audey Murphy Hospital is.

I would have to agree with my father on this. Veterans have given up so much of themselves in the plight for freedom of not just the Unites States but for other countries as well. They deserve the best medical attention for the unique medical conditions they have. Now don't get me wrong, the hospitals the RGV are of standard care, but the care for Veterans should not just be standard, it should be above the standard. You may agree to disagree on this one.

Until then, I will depart