I hope you enjoy my blog. I will write from a wide range of subjects from politics to fashion to family and food. But, primarily I will share with you my most happy and sad moments of my life that I enjoy embracing and sharing.

Friday, September 20, 2013


We all know how precious rain is right now in Texas. Haven't experienced the worst drought in years today seems like we are in heaven with all this rainfall lately.

As for me, not a fan of rain, I'm rather enjoying it today. This in my opinion is a gift. It's also a great sense of hope that good things are coming.  I've been traveling these past two weeks to South Texas to visit family, friends and to stay involved in my social network hoping to get some good leads to keep me busy this upcoming year.

My time has been consumed with great things and today at this very moment I'm consumed in myself. I'm rather feeling some inner joy of accomplishment. I'm actually feeling very happy and complete. This rain is rather comforting me and at the same time I feel like I'm cleansing my soul at the same time. It's rather a beautiful experience!

So I leave you with this...leave your worries and all the cares in your world today. Let the rain wash them away and you will experience this this inner peace as I have.


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Just Kauz It's Right 3rd Annual School Supply Drive a Success

As you all know I founded a nonprofit organization about four years ago. It all started with a simple thought of giving back the community I call home, San Carlos. I was raised in San Carlos after our house burned down in downtown Edinburg on Samano Street. Life was rather interesting for growing up but that is another day for me to share.

None the less, I wanted to give back. With my crazy ideas and a best friend to root me on I took on the challenge of helping 100 students in 2009 with school supplies. You see some students show up with all their required school supply items and others don't. I wanted to try to help those students for whatever reason didn't show up school supplies or hardly any.

Our efforts help out the teachers so much. We all know the deserve better pay and some changes could be made to make their jobs easier in the classroom. To date, we have helped over 1300 students, this year alone that number would increase to 1900 students in 5 years.

We have a vision and we are excited to bring back unity into our community "Just Kauz It's Right."

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Remembering September 11

Today, I woke up at my best friends house. I've been traveling doing nonprofit work and all sorts of work. But on this day, I could not help to notice that its always the same pattern. Remembering what I was doing, what I was thinking when I found out the tragedy that happened in NYC.

The only people on my mind that day were my friends Monica and Frank. You see, I was supposed to have joined the military, the Marines upon high school graduation. The only thing was that my mother found out through the recruiter calling my home and told him to stop looking for me.

I was not in a training camp but I was rather at home, in my sisters bed watching live coverage on CNN on the airplane crashes in the twin towers. I will never forget the image. I made lots of calls to try to track both of my friends down and to find out they were okay and in the states. Immediately, I thought of war and everything else that would follow. I was right, we did go to war and a long war it was.

2001 seems so far away but it feels as though it was just yesterday. Time is all we have these days and at any moment it can change. I am grateful that I try to live each day and recalling days like these when innocent lives were taken only reminds me that I am blessed. I have to try to do good in this world because that's all we have, that is all we can give it.

My prayers to the innocent souls lost and those who stood in harms way for others to live.

Peace and Love. MDL