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Monday, February 18, 2013

Mari's New Career Adventure

I am a little late  but Happy New Year and Happy Post Valentine's Day. As you all know I was a former capitol chief of staff for State Rep. Aaron Pena (R) District 40 - Deep South Texas. I was fortunate enough to land an awesome new career; something I have quite wanted to do. I am now officially a registered lobbyist. Now some may have a negative perspective on the title, I however have an optimistic outlook on it. My parents have taught me over the years to do my work right, make good choices and never deviate - hard work pays off. They were right. I have a very strong work ethic that at times I can't tell if I am working, that is how much I love my job!

In my former life, I was a cashier at a Burger King. Learned what it was like to take orders, ha, literally. Moved up to head cashier, learned how to give orders. Did pretty well when I got promoted to Shift Manager at 18. That is not bad for a recent high school grad. None the less, education was my number one priority and was enrolled fulltime at The University of Texas Pan American. The higher education institution that allowed me to be the confident, independent and leader that I am.

I am most humbled with all my experiences and excited on where my journey will be leading. I ask that you join me on this adventure for it is an exciting one!

Peace and Love,

Miss Mari