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Friday, June 15, 2012

Life -- It Goes On...

What can I say, I need to make sure I make it a habit to write on my blog. For starters my morning was a rather good one. I think my body actually received the necessary rest it deserved. It is funny that I get to rest when I travel to Austin for work.

You see back in February I made a decision to move out of my Austin apartment and head home to Edinburg TX and do the commute to Austin back and forth. Why you may ask? Well, my grandfather was very ill. I could not think of the "what if" I had stayed and not gone home during this time in my families life. This is by far the best decision I had made for myself and my family. On Easter Sunday my grandfather, Lucas De Leon, passed away at age of 89. I found inner strength and inner peace in myself to get through those days and I was reassured by Him that he will be okay.

Since then, I have been finding more meaning in my life. Putting myself first, such as my health and fitness before anything else, aside from work.  I started crossfit training at Crossfit Rockkore where I have met lots of wonderful and amazing people just trying to get fit and improve their body strength and health goals. Plus I have lost one inch in my waist and hips :-) and throughout my body. I LOOK AMAZING! I am proud of myself.

I also started doing more work for my non-profit Just Kauz It's Right. We will be holding our first inaugural fundraiser themed "Soldiers Serving Students" at Club Cimarron in Mission Texas on June 27th. The event begins at 6pm-8pm with U.S. Marine Corps Color Guard opening our event. We are selling tickets at $25.00 donation. All proceeds go to benefit schoolchildren in Edinburg, Mission/La Joya and McAllen. I am very optimistic for this event and I hope and pray we are successful! We have invited General Sanchez to be out guest speakers and my fingers are still crossed!
On another note, today the President announced his vow to not deport illegal young immigrants.  I am excited for those who would benefit from this immigration legislation. However, I am a little peeved in the manner this action or decision was taken. I will not set my hopes high for those close to me who would benefit until I see a plan for implementation and follow through of this policy. It saddens me the timing of this decision being that of an election year, I just hope the effort's and actions were in good faith and not just for political support - "votes". But, despite whatever goes on in our lives as Robert Frost once said:
"in 3 words I can sum up everything I know about life: it goes on"
Peace and Love, Miss Mari