I hope you enjoy my blog. I will write from a wide range of subjects from politics to fashion to family and food. But, primarily I will share with you my most happy and sad moments of my life that I enjoy embracing and sharing.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Love is Love

I've been remembering lately what it was like to be in a committed relationship where you are loved unconditionally. I can recall a time where my boyfriend bought me gifts where ever he was. The fact that he knew my taste, my size and an eye for good stuff specially for me. 

This was about the most happiest time in my life. Its sad that things didn't work and it was for the best. I would not be the amazing woman I am today. You see, I have had many failed relationships. Relationships where I was liked but not loved. Relationships where there was emotional disconnect. Relationships where there was lack of communication of each others feelings. 

But in the end love is love. I have a big heart! I want to share all of my life's experiences with that special someone. I want kiss him randomly as we stroll into a store together just because. Squeeze his cheeks like a little cute chubby baby and peck his lips. I am ready for love in my life and the anticipation is exciting. I can feel the joy coming. I literally have this inner joy that is unexplainable and the uncertainty of this great happiness has me excited. 

I am a hopeless romantic, waiting patiently.

My tip for you would be, be open and honest with your loved one. Let him know how much he means to you. How important he is in your life. How much you need him and can't live without him. You will see how much this will help bring two loving souls together.

Peace and Love.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Dreams Do Come True - Do They Really?

When I was growing up I never imagined I would be working at the State's Capitol. My mothers dream for me was to be a teacher and educator.  I attended great schools growing up in my opinion. I attended San Carlos Elementary for grade school, 6th Grade Campus, Teacher Academy where they prepared me for the education career, and lastly Med-High where I was prepared for the medical field.

Little did I know that my passion for helping people would not be so much in the position as a nurse, doctor, or surgeon but rather as a public servant.  At the age of 19 I was blessed with a volunteer position that transformed the direction of my life for the best. I discovered hidden talents I did not think I could possess. I thought I would have been a 19 year old to be married in her first year of college. I guess fate has its reasons but that did not happen. I in turn became a volunteer in the Law office of Aaron Pena and Associates.

Being a volunteer and a full time grad student at The University of Texas Pan American was rather a challenging yet fun experience. I felt like my efforts and hard work would pay off. Eventually, I landed a part time job as a legislative aide in State Representative Aaron Pena office for House District 40.  I must say at the age of 19 I was entrusted with a huge load of responsibility. I managed a grassroots team for Rep. Pena re-election campaign where we won 2-1. This was the first victory of any political stature I was completely involved in. This was when I knew what my gift was, public service.

My goals in life have always been to be a good worker, a good person and most importantly to make my parents proud. Do dreams come true? Yes they do. I am a testament to that but it is not to say it was easy. I dedicate all of my time to extra curricular activities at the University, my job, and part-time jobs I had to obtain to just maintain myself and school.

Today I can reflect on my education and career accomplishments and I am proud to have had many mentors who believed in me and my capabilities. I am also just as proud to say that I worked hard to make sure I fulfilled every goal I set myself to accomplish. I don't think that not having a supportive family and strong family bond that I would have gotten as far as I have.  My goals were in part fulfilled because of the support my family provided me with. Their belief in me that I will do good as long as I set my heart to it. From here on out, I want to be that support for those who are not as fortunate as I was growing up. I want to be that buffer for children and families out there that good people still exist. Because I am who I am because of my love for Lord Jesus Christ who is My Rock and My Savior, My Everything. It is because of His Love  I can share my gifts with the world.

Dreams do come true you just have to be committed to yourself.