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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pink Braces Do Make a Statement---Mari statement that is.

I have been MIA for the past month and a half.  I must say I have been a little overwhelmed with school and family responsibilities.  But, through trust in the Lord I have surpassed an obstacle in my life. 

This past month I got a denial letter to the White House Fellow Program.  It really didn't hit me hard at first but as the day came to the end I started feeling a sense of failure. Yes, FAILURE, started bringing me down.  I prayed that I would be considered since I had a lot of support and was considered to apply.  I was really hurt.  I was even tempted to write to the program but I had to accept that it was just not meant to be. There is another plan out there for me. I am still wondering what is out there for me.

I have friends that kept reassuring me there was nothing wrong with me but they sure did make a bad decision not picking me.  That really made me feel happy.  Other than that, I kept moving forward.

Since my boss got an appointment to chair a select committee I knew that information was going to be key.  I have been trying to keep up with all there is to know about emergency preparedness and then Lord and behold the issure of border security and spillover is a state and national issue. 

I live in deep South Texas. I love it here. Its small. No heavy rush hour, but we do have problems with drug smuggling and violence.  Am I scared? Not really...I have lived here all my life. Outsiders reading on the area...yeah they are probably afraid but why if they don't live here. Do we have a problem? Yes we do. But what will the government do to protect the safety of the people in the are while not impacting the commerce these border cities recieve due in part to trade with Mexico?  I think about this all the time. I wake up and when I drive to work, I see a beautiful new day each day.  This topic is of great interest to me I just gotta keep up with it.

Another topic of interest is Redistricting.  It is here in Texas.  I just attended an NCSL Redistricting Law Conference for the weekend.  It was so much information but I feel like I am gonna get this. 

Aside from work I have had the pleasure of spending time with my great friend Genevee. She opens her home to me when I have to come to the Austin area for work.  We had a good day at Zilker park playing volleyball and a nice dinner afterwards. 

I also, miss my Chloe. I have not been apart from her for this long so I just hope I am greeted with lots of love when I get back.

Aside from my stay here, I have noticed that people like my braces. I believe this is funny. So funny that its time for them to be removed next month.  I just hope they like my smile after they are removed.

Peace and Love.