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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Just Kauz It's Right annual "FORE the Kids" fundraiser June 30th in Pharr Texas

As Founder and Chair of Just Kauz It's Right I invite you to participate in our annual fund-raising event to be held at The Practice Tee in Pharr, Texas on Sunday, June 30th.

We are currently seeking sponsorships for our "FORE the Kids" fundraiser to assist students in the 2013-14 academic year. All donations benefit school children within Hidalgo County specifically low socio economic schools in Edinburg, La Joya and Mission Texas. The community is welcome to participate as well. Competitions for the longest range and three other competitions will be going on for $10 each competition. We will have amazing prizes. Stay tuned for our fund-raising flyer.

To date, our local non profit organization has assisted over 1500 school children with back to school supplies in the following schools:

San Carlos Elementary - our flagship school and my alma mater; JFK elementary in San Carlos, Dr. Mendiola Elementary in La Joya/Mission, and  JFK Elementary in McAllen Texas.

We would like to continue our efforts in contributing to our community for the betterment of these school children.  Should you be interested in becoming a sponsor please email Lyna Campos, Board Member and Fundraising Chair at lynaycampos@gmail.com CC maricela.deleon4@gmail.com.

SHOUT OUT TO OUR 2012-2013 Sponsors: The University of Phoenix - Mission Campus, Mission EDC, IBC Bank McAllen, Edinburg Boys and Girls Club, Collassa Construction, AT&T McAllen - special thanks to Sergio Contreras.

Monday, May 20, 2013

A Medical School In South Texas - 83rd Legislative Session

South Texas currently has two universities, two community colleges and a Region One Education Service Center. When I first arrived to work at the legislature, I can recall the efforts of Rep. Aaron Pena and the Valley delegation to bring a Medical School to South Texas - Rio Grande Valley. The first attempt failed, the second attempt passed. Now during the 83rd Legislative Session, with the efforts of Rep. Eddie Lucio III, Rep. Rene Oliveira and the rest of the Valley Delegation, they brought forth legislation to bring to fruition a medical school in South Texas.

SB 24 Sponsored by Senator Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa was laid out on the Texas House floor by Chairman Rene Olivier as the House Sponsor with Rep. Dan Branch as the co-author, today - May 20, 2013. The legislation went through many policy procedures before making it to the House floor for final passage. I am extremely excited for my community down home.

This is of good news because it marks new beginnings for the Rio Grande Valley. The two universities, The University of Texas Pan American and The University of Texas at Brownsville are now subject to a merger with a new name yet to be announced. I came across Dr. Nelsen, President of UTPA, at the State Capitol last week as the legislation went through second reading in the Texas House. He looked a little nervous but I was certain our legislators would unite for the final passage of such great policy in higher education for the benefit of the entire state.

I feel as though being near by and seeing the mechanics of the process work for the good has me humbled at heart. Not a day goes by that I do not thank the Lord for allowing me to be this close to change.

Stay tuned for more updates on this legislation.

Peace and Love.

My first speaking engagemnt - May 1st 2013

On May 1st, was a very important day for me as I begin to venture into my motivational speaking engagements. I was invited to speak at the UTPA Austin Alumni Chapter.  This was an important invitation for me.

You see, days before I was contemplating whether what my purpose was in this world. I can say that I am not alone with that thought. How many of you have had that question to yourself. Then, out of the blue, I got a call. A rather interesting one from Mrs. Carmen Guerra with the UTPA Austin Alumni Chapter. She called to check up on me and to tell me I was selected as their spotlight alum.  Tears began to bundle up in my eyes because it was not moments prior that I was having a conversation with myself, my dear friend Kristin and the Lord. You see He does hear prayers.

As I prepared for my debut, I was excited to share my story with our alumni. My story is rather interesting that I wish to inspire many individuals, young and old, to fulfill their dreams despite the challenges they may encounter. I embrace adversity at all levels, which I believe has made me the individual I am today.

At the end of my speaking engagement, I immediately called my mother, my best friend. I had tears I could not quite explain and immediately she sensed my saddened heart. But it was at the moment I had an accomplishment and for the first time could not run to her and hug her. She knew I had tears of joy and all I could tell her is I loved her with all my heart. My parents are my number one supporters and I am grateful to have them as parents.