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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New Beginnings are a Blessing

Not too long ago, December 17th to be exact, I celebrated another milestone in my life, Graduation Day. Everything I had been talking about for the passed couple of months has finally come to an end, I am now a Masters graduate with a degree in Public Administration.  
As I arrived to the McAllen Convention Center, I bumped into my old high school buddy Crystal Rodriguez who also graduated with her Masters degree but in Anthropology.  Pictured with me are my sister, my best friends Giselle and Jessica.  These girls understand what it took to complete my graduate studies and quite honestly without these girls I probably would have pulled all my hair out.

Now that I attained my degree what is next? At least that is the famous question everyone has been asking me. You see my boss, Rep. Aaron Pena is retiring from the Texas House of Representatives. So that means I have a job until December 2012.  Since I manage his Technology committee I have some work set up for me so I will definitely be busy this upcoming year and I am excited.

I have no worries on where my road will lead me because the Lord has led me on a path of great success and wonderful memories overthe years that I know He will surprise me with something great and that I will love.  I have one job prospect in mind and that is my ideal job for this new beginning in my life. I think I would be a great asset to any company quite frankly because I strive to be the best, number one and that is not hard for me to accomplish, I have done it for 8 years for Mr. P.  Now, I wait patiently for my surprise to call on my phone to tell me I got the job! Wishful thinking but I deserve it.

Life is very complex. Too many things to worry about or think about but in moments like today, I contemplate on what lies in my path for my bright future. I feel so excited all I know it is something worth looking forward to!

Peace and Love,

Miss Mari