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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Life's Amazing Experiences

There comes a time in one's life when we reflect on our daily encounters...At least for me that is what I do. I made a promise that I would document my experiences this year as I work this legislative session and finish up my thesis for my graduate studies.

In life nothing is easy. People make sacrifices and people make decisions, at times not the most popular accepted ones. What I have come to learn is that the human behavior is very complex to understand. Lately I find myself consumed in the expectation to finish my studies this semester and managing a state office. I give myself props. My determination keeps me afloat in a very good way. My expectations are set really high that is leaves no room for mistakes. The only challenging part of my educational success is my time management.

Time management is very crucial for me. I have found a balance but as session begins to pick up I am worried I may fall back on my deadlines for graduation...but then I reaffirm to myself that it can be done. I am super determined to finish and graduate with my cohort. I just cannot wait to walk down the graduation aisle to receive my graduate diploma :) that moment keeps running through my head. For now, any words of encouragement would go a long way for me.

Aside from school the Texas Legislature has a very ugly budget deficit to address. University administrators are concerned about their state funding and their student growth population. Teachers are worried about the elimination of Pre-K, their TRS state contributions and education issues in general. Proposed gun legislation is beginning to surface in state offices and well let the lobbying begin.

With all the talks on addressing the budget crisis the State of Texas is facing, I am most heartily concerned about the Egyptian Revolution that occurred last week. Democracy is being to take shape in the middle east and I am trying to keep up with the U.S. role in all of this.

So much information to keep with, redistricting data to voter id. To the simple things...lets just say I need some energy boosters and lots of hugs from family and friends. As I always say the Grace of God is by my side.

I got writers block and listening to Johnny Cash...I think I am picking up speed :)

Until next time. Tootles.