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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Random Expressions of Kindness

This morning I woke up talking to myself and praying to My Father that he help me get out of bed.  I told him that I felt tired but I still had to get up from bed and get to work. I also asked that he allow me to live in the day and take care of all my worries and thoughts. That was all it took for me to get out of bed, He reassured me that my day will be blessed and full of happiness.

As I was driving away from my house to put some gas at the nearby gas station in the neighborhood, I could not help but notice an older lady walking fast toward the main street, which is quite a distance on foot. The morning was really cold as well and I thought that I should give her a ride. As I pulled over I asked her if she needed a ride and she smiled so very thankful as if I had just rescued her from a chasing dog.

Her name is Ana and she lives near my neighborhood maybe a couple of blocks away. None the less, she was happy that I had even stopped to ask if she needed a ride. As we drove she told me I needed to cover myself with a coat if not I would get sick, she talked to me like my own mother would and that was very comforting. As I headed to the bus stop to drop her off, she mentioned to me that she had two girls, a 21 year old and a 15 year old. Her eldest daughter is graduating from Boston University and her youngest is still in H.S. She says she is happy that her daughter is graduating. Then she asked about me, asked if I was married and what I did. I shared with her that I was a "soltera" not committed or at least absolutely with anyone but that it was complicated. Her advice was, "mija es mejor esperar y saber que sera para siempre sin estar con alguen a fuerza"....let me translate "it is better to wait and know that you both did not make a mistake than to be with someone that the relationship would not last"...These comments from an utter stranger with out me having to share anything at all summed up a simple thought in my mind. Her truth spoken to me in the early morning. She tells me that she told her daughter not to get married anytime soon and that her daughter replied, mother, you are right...marriage is not in my picture but I have someone to share life with at the moment.

This would be the second time well more than that, that I pick someone off the road its just a habit I have, but I promise I will be cautious.

So far my day has been great. No worries, sent out my niece's birthday gift, cleaning up my desk and taking care of stuff for work, not bad for a Thursday.

Peace and Love, Mari.