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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Giving is better than Receiving

I promised I would try to write down my best and worst experiences to keep track of the moving world around me. Well, I will report on some good things I have done so far this year and will start with one for now.   One of the best things that I could have ever done was to become a Founder for "Just Kauz It's Right" in June 2011.

You see, I was working through one of the toughest legislative sessions in Texas history and a special session as well with a thesis writing at a stand still...I decided to exert all my energy into something that produced something positive and good for the people I live with.  That is when I officially formalized my personal charitable effort into an official non-profit organization with the State of Texas.  I put together a strong team of individuals that understood the importance of education and sense of community and relationship with our teachers, parents, and administrators.

Through some in-kind donations, school supply donations and monetary donations we have our official website for "Just Kauz It's Right" where you can see our mission, board members and our events.  The best thing about the website is our official logo, I could not be any more happier to share that with you here.

This is the beginning of an effort that will help children in South Texas. I know the need, I understand the hardships, and I made a promise that I will help them and I intend to keep that promise. Together and United we will succeed and I wish that the community will continue to support us because we are here to stay and help because its just the right thing to do.

At our first JKIR Showcase event in August 2011 at the Dustin Michael Sekula Memorial Library with State Representative Aaron Pena and Board Members: (left to right) Maribel Reyes, Erika Conde, Rep. Pena, Mari De Leon, Felicia Ramirez, Lyna Campos, Juan De Leon, Jr. and Giselle Mireles. Not Present: Rebecca Villanueva and Victor Flores and Victor M. Garza, of Counsel, pro bono.

"Blessedness consists in the accomplishment of our desires, and in our having only regular desires." - Saint Aurelius Augustine

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Life is my Treasure

Each day I wake up with a list of things to accomplish. Whether it is to be nice to the lady at the drive through or to get all the tasks done at work. Lately, I have been consumed with some tasks of my own, grad school. I feel as though I have not gotten past this road that I have been on for the past few months. 

Part of my mind says to give up and move on. The other part says you are almost there, keep going don't stop.  I am more than certain you have come across a time in your life when it is easier to just say "I'm done, done with this." But you gotta ask yourself, is it really? I catch myself doing that all the time. I recall back in my undergraduate college years when I did the best that I could and if I did not need to to do anything further, then I was done. You see things aren't that way anymore. I work full-time, I travel, I have to keep up with lots of news, but more than anything, I am a daughter, a sister, and an aunt.

Giving up is not so much easy for me. Giving up for me is giving up on my parents hard work and efforts of taking care of me over the years. I am their sacrifice. Giving up on my brothers is like giving up on their kids. They need a good role model to ensure that when things get tough there is always hardship but with determination and family support all is possible. To give up is like letting my sister down for all the help she has given me over the years. I have a lot to be thankful for with my family because they have been rock through every step in my life. 

To give up is NEVER NEVER NEVER an option for me and I hope it is never an option for anyone when they are trying to realize their dreams.  For me, it has only been a last resort option and I am glad that I have not had to pull that option out. 

What I can say is that through out the years I have managed to keep myself occupied and busy. My life has been a roller coaster but through it all I have made my parents proud. I have made great friendships and maintained a career.  Through it all though, my persistence to keep moving forward not just come from family support but from the Lord, Savior Jesus Christ. 

His reassurance that everything would fall into place on its own and that all I had to do was trust him is what helped me stay strong and patient. He has tested through out the years and although I may have fallen at times, He always extends his hand to me to help me me on my way to success, love, and happiness. It is through his unconditional love that also fills my heart each day to keep moving forward and enjoying life day by day.  Giving up entirely is like Giving up on Him; for that I can not do. 

My birthday is coming up and I am reminded each day about how blessed I am to have a Lord that loves you no matter what and is my NUMBER ONE SUPPORTER!