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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Feeling Inspired

Hello my fellow readers, yeah I am talking to you. Its been a while since I last wrote something. I guess you can say I am feeling a little tad better. I kinda wanted to remove myself from here but I figured why stop now.

I am in a life of transition. Everyone has their moments, times of self pity, times of loneliness and well times of change. That is me. I am one that loves to reflect on many things. The decisions and choices I have made. Those that I am not so much proud of and then there is hope. I have been clinging on to hope. At times I feel like letting go but I am holding on tight in hopes that my future is going to be oh so promising and how I imagine it to be.

If I could I only write my deepest thoughts but then I wouldn't have anything to share with my children. They should be the special one's to know about my mistakes especially in love. I've made many mistakes in that area. But I console myself with there is someone greater out there for me.  But lets not go there.

So, one thing that I am extremely and excited about is the fact that my nonprofit had a very successful distribution year. We assisted 875 students throughout the Rio Grande Valley with much needed school supplies. Despite my personal life roller coaster, this was smooth sailing for me.  Thanks to my board, volunteers, donors and community we had a great donation year.

I had some kids run after me at the end of the presentations to hug me and tell me thank you. Those little hugs are so meaningful to me. I wish I could help them much more but we try and we do are our very best and have increased our donation size each year. I am extremely blessed to have been able to do this again. It is hard trying to get a buck or two but those that do give help us out a long way in distributing school supplies to student an schools that benefit greatly from our act of charity.

I wish at times though that I had a special someone accompany me as I do my deliveries and speeches only then will they understand my heart a bit more. I am a hopeless romantic if you had not caught that but I am optimistic in time he will walk into my life fully committed to me and each other.

As that came to end my total time and energy is dedicated to self. My journey has one last academic trip and you will be excited to keep up with me. I am not going anywhere, my life is just beginning to flourish and many will be benefiting greatly.

God Bless you!