I hope you enjoy my blog. I will write from a wide range of subjects from politics to fashion to family and food. But, primarily I will share with you my most happy and sad moments of my life that I enjoy embracing and sharing.

Friday, February 12, 2010

If at first you don't succeed try, try again!

On Wednesday and Thursday I attended two Tech Prep events for work. On Wednesday night I made a drive out to TSTC Cultural Arts Center in Harlingen, Texas. It's about a 40 minute drive from Edcouch. I arrived and was well greeted. I must say I had never been welcomed in that fashion before at a district event. Shortly after my sign in I bumped into some Veterans that I had met last year. But, new to my networking list is Ron Tupper. He is a great man. He actually accompanied me to my table and made small talk with me. He is also a funny man. Well, shortly after the reception began when they were getting to announce the guest speaker I was like who is Tony Hill? Well, if I was a super duper Cowboys fan like my very good friend Iris I would have known better.

He spoke about the importance of trying hard to achieve success, because without trying you will not experience it. He talked a little more about the importance of an education and how much he loves his kids. As I snuck out of the reception, I bumped into Tony as he was leaving as well. We had a nice conversation as we walked to the parking lot. I had told him that I appreciated his little speech and that was exactly what I needed to hear at the perfect time. After we talked a little further he said I sounded like a well grounded women and that men can see "quality." When he asked if I had a boyfriend, I was rather shy to answer but I had to say no. He was even surprised as I was. He told me that the day will come when a man will see all the quality in me and at that point he will grab on to me and lever let go. I think he hit it right on the nail. Hearing him say that was like hearing my father say that to me, which probably would never happen because my dad is not a "mushy mushy" man as he would call it. But Tony's sincerety made me appreciate him as a person. I am sure glad we were able to cross paths.

I drove home with a smile on my face like you not imagine. I let the course of love in my life in the hands of the most important being in my life, Jesus my Lord and Savior. The next day, I prepared for the luncheon which was just as great as the reception. I got an autograph for Iris and we shared one last picture moment before he departed back home.

You will hear me occasionally talk about love, maybe men, my family, and work. I just got to learn to stop talking about work but it's just that there is never a dull moment.

Alright, I can't seem to have anything else to share but I am supposed to go on a "movie date" tonight and see Valentine's Day. I sure hope he doesn't cancel.

Peace and Love!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Lets talk about my day yesterday. I have pretty much the same routine. Wake up, shower, dress up, feed Chloe, drive to work, work. But in between during my lunch I take my mother to her doctors visit. Then shortly after that I got classes. Sitting in the doctors office with my mother was an experience for me. I had never been with her at one of her visits only when she gets so ill that she is hospitalized.

My parents are always going to the doctor. I hear the stories about their visits when I get home from work, school or a late dinner with friends. My parents never tell me or my sister, who still live at home, their conditions. They don't want us to worry about them. I know my parents are both diabetic, one has high blood pressure and the other has heart problems. My mother may also be in the beginning stages of uterine cancer. Hearing the doctor tell my mom her results of an exam were normal, I was happy. I had to reaffirm my mother that she is fine, although she does experience pain on her left side.

I love my parents so much. Since, my dad has been in east coast with my older brother I find that I have a strong will and passion for keeping up with all the responsibilities that surround me. My father raised me, unlike my sister, to depend on no one but myself. If I wanted to get something done, I needed to do it. I believe that by him instilling that in me I have become a very independent woman. But who is to say that I wouldn't like someone to do something for me sometimes. I bet that will feel good. But considering this unexpected change in my responsibilities at home, I made a decision to not concentrate on my thesis this semester. That means I will graduate in the summer and if not, in the fall. I am actually fine with that because I will finish it this year and I am in no rush. I want to make sure it is my perfect masterpiece that I can show off like all those famous artists out there. Plus, that is another goal off my to do list!

I was so exhausted yesterday that I just felt like quiting. Thoughts of why education is so important, why having a great job is so important, why being the marvelous person that I am even matter just kept running through my mind. But, I had to give myself words of affirmation like "You are great!" "You are marvelous" "You are a powerful young Latina woman with so much to offer!" it was then that I felt better.

Being a daughter is very hard and it doesn't help that I am also the baby with very high ambitions. All I can say is that I am glad my parents disciplined me, always instilled in me the importance of an education, affirming to me that I am a great girl that will make someone happy one day.

So this morning when I woke up my mirror said to me "You are SO beautiful." I love my sense of humor that I can make myself laugh!

Peace and Love.

Monday, February 08, 2010

"Are we better off today than we were four years ago?"

This morning seemed to take a different direction for me. I have to tend to "daddy's" duties with my mom like doctor appointments and at the same time deal with work. I have an unimaginable schedule for some of my friends that don't know me well but for those who do its nothing new. I always get everything out of the way for work, grad school, house responsibilities, and yet have a life. This has been by far the most happy-sad experience I had to deal with ever but I am glad that I have a strong foundation to keep going and growing as a person.

I was flipping through a book of political satires and found the title of this blog. I can remember vaguely four years ago. I was 23 years old, a senior in college getting ready to finish up school. The economy must not have been that good since I had to manage three jobs and school. None the less, I got through it. What else can I recall....hmmm not much. Oh yeah, I had recently ended a long term relationship of 8 years! That is when I was like I gotta be an independent woman and depend on myself so that when I do meet a new prospect, we will compliment each other as opposed to supplementing each other.

So four years later, I have a BBS in Finance and a soon MPA degree in a couple of months. An independent woman I am. I can change my own oil to my truck and car, if I really want to get dirty. I can purchase my own tires and negotiate deals. I can shop for trailers on behalf of my dad and not let them take advantage of me. I can go get a hair cut whenever I want, and nails too. I can just get in my car and drive to Austin to see friends. I just do what I want. The economy though is not that good so that is why I spend cautiously. I actually got a budget that I live with, its just the smart way to spend. That is why I was able to buy a new puppy, a Field Spaniel. Her name is Chloe. Four years ago I probably could not even afford a dog. Having a puppy is a lot of responsibility. Its like she is my baby. She cries for me when I am gone and wants all my attention when I am home. I love her so much. Its like she came into my life at the perfect time.

Now, since V-Day is coming up I am just waiting to see if any magic will come my way. I must say its been that long since I have had roses delivered to my work, had a romantic dinner, or any loving surprises. But, I am fine with it. My first year single, I recieved nothing which was fine (I didn't know how bad it was to be single...on a funny note), second year my dad was in the hospital and my brother took me and my bff out and made us feel like princesses, third year a friend of mine just bought me the whole V-Day gifts just to bring my spirits ups (a total surprise may I add), and the fourth year my girlfriends and I dined out at Texas Land & Cattle in Austin for a fabulous weekend in Austin (they came up to see me). So, I guess I have been ok.

I am just curious about how this week will end. I really don't ask for much. I am satisfied with the most simple things anyone can recieve. I happy and thankful for the friendships I have. So, a surpise would just be the cherry on top of my icecream sundae. Atleast, the ticket guy at the movie theatre gave me a coupon to use at my next visit for this week. Its funny, I just hope I get to use it and if I don't receive anything well atleast I got a discount coupon....very funny.

I have nothing else on my calendar that needs immediate attention. But work will continue. Lunch is here and I need to get some food in this little stomache of mine.

Peace and Love.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Life on a Thursday in the RGV

Here I am again. I woke up this morning rather restless. I don't understand why if I fell asleep rather early but I was really looking forward to watching White Collar. I guess I missed it.

When I arrived home last night after a class on Political Leadership my mind began to take a course of its own. I sank in a deep thought of where I was leading my life. Many people, I am sure, always think of what their purpose is in this life. I know I sure do. I reflect at times on whether I should have done things differently or should I have stayed home on a Friday night.

What I was able to understand is that we are in the front seat of our lives and it is up to us to take control of it. I don't want my life to be just about fun and parties, I don't want my life to be just of work and responsibility, I don't want my life to be just about family. I would like my life to be the combination of all the things that make me happy. For example, I love my friends company when we hang out at a local bar, or friends house. I love to be with my family on the weekends. I love my work during the week. But, why is it that we do more of one than the other.

If I had to describe myself I would say that I am a very determined woman. I am not sure whether my sign has anything to do with it, but I am a Scorpio. For some reason, I am very dedicated to my job, my family, my friends, and a special someone. I dedicate myself because that is just me. I have a calendar book that I carry with me everywhere and if I have an open spot I will fill it for an invite to a birthday party or so.

So where am I getting at? Hmmm, well I am just happy for where I am at at this moment in time. This Thursday is going to be good. We got a meeting at 11am, then I got a meeting at the Hidalgo County Courthouse regarding Child Protective Services after lunch and then I got paperwork and calendar events to watch out for.

I feel as though I am missing something in my life. Maybe not so much something but someone. I have this idea that if we have a wonderful life, why not make it better by sharing it with a special someone. I hope I am not too mushy but this is my way of thinking. A little bit of love in one's life shouldn't hurt.

Alright, thanks to a good friend and colleague, Shaine Mata, who encouraged me to stay active on my blog. This is my start to a new beginning for me.

Peace and Love, Mari