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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

ART Reception with Special Guest Speaker Joe Straus

Was invited to attend a reception with Speaker Straus this evening. Must say it felt good to be surrounded by colleagues and friends at this event. Reality has sunk in and I am a self dependent individual breaking the glass ceiling.

I had the pleasure of catching up with former Rep. Rodney Anderson, Rep. Burkett, Rep. Larry Gonzales and last but not least former Rep. Dee Margo. Its amazing how I have worked around these amazing leaders as a former staffer and continue to be among their midst.

Also had good conversation with Senator Cornyn's Campaign Manager and former staffers was just as fun. I was reminded today I have to always be on my A-Game and I am a proud RGV native, UTPA alum; proud to be ME!

More so than anything, having the Speaker remember me was priceless!

I met some new friends as well. What can I say I got some happy hour buddies to add to my list.  God, you definitely brought a smile to my face today. Thank you.

Peace and Love

Post Juicing - SUCCESS!

Okay people, not gonna lie those 10 days of juicing were def an experience. I lapsed maybe twice but I kept consistent towards the end of the days on my challenge. Must say my body felt very healthy, I had a lot on energy and have not had one cup of coffee during the challenge nor to date.

I actually will be juicing twice a day with one meal throughout my day. This is to help me establish a healthy weight and to help clean my stomach. So my words of wisdom are: when you decide to make that step stay committed and follow through. You will not see any result unless you stay consistent. Also you should weigh yourself and measure your body and upon completion, do not do daily, re-measure yourself and weigh yourself. You will see your results.

I am so proud of my sister. She did this challenge as well, well she encouraged me to do it with her and she lost a total of 8lbs. She feels very healthy and feels so good! I am so proud of her.

Alright, if you have questions for me let me know! Comment on this post.

Peace & Love

Friday, May 09, 2014

9th day of Juicing

Alright you are probably wondering how I am doing. Glad to report I am still here and feeling really good and lighter. Throughout my impromptu adventure I took on with my sister on juicing I may have lapsed twice but it was good for me. My mind has a new way of thinking about food. I never thought I would put to use the juicer my mother gave me a year a go to all the use I have put it under in the past 9 days. As mothers day is approaching I am looking forward to enjoying some nice homemade BBQ, as per mothers request.

Advice I can give you. When you decide to make this step or decision about changing how you eat make sure you are fully committed to it. Doing things half ass, {excuse my language} is probably not going to yield the intended results of juicing. You should also include 30min walks or jogs or cardio workout into it as well.  Oh and don't forget to drink PLENTY of WATER! That is a def must. Be ready to be going to restroom lots.

Question is would I do this again? Yes I most definitely will. I think that I have gained a lot of understanding out how to use our fruits and vegetables to keep our stomach clean and healthy. Did I experience some weight loss? Honestly, I didn't weigh myself nor was that my number one goal. I wanted to simply clean my stomach of dirty toxins to be able to start a new healthy plan the right way. But to each their own.

I encourage you to watch the movie I mentioned in my previous post and I wish you nothing but success in all that you do. When you are happy, everyone around you is happy. At least that is my motto.

Have a great day!

Monday, May 05, 2014

Day 3 & 4- Harder than 1&2

Alright, so my day 3 was a tough one. Sunday is Family Funday and well, we have had celebrations every Sunday. I may have lapsed a little....but that is okay because I know where my weakness is.

On Day 3 I started with a carrot juice with come celery and lots of water. I fasted for breakfast because I do not eat before Mass. Then...I lapsed....won't even go there. But had my full consumption of water, a gallon. I even played some kickball with my cousins like the old days.

All I can say is cheating is NO BUENO but I got a grip of it. I am excited to begin this day 4 of my challenge. I made my own juice made with celery, cucumber, carrots and raspberries. I used a different juicer so it tastes a WHOLE lot better :-)

I get on on the road today so I know that it will be easy for me with no distractions!

Enjoy your Monday and have a blessed day.

Peace & Love.

Saturday, May 03, 2014

My 10 day Juicing Challenge - Day 2

So let me give y'all an update on my Day 1 challenge. Lets just say when they said the first day was going to be challenging it def was. I felt my brain trying to understand what was going on. Not gonna lie I was totally craving A LOT of FOOD! but, I had to try my best to not break.  But, if you feel like you need food, try first doing juicing twice a day and one meal. That should help you transition easier.

So here I am on my Day 2 juicing challenge. I prepared my morning juice: cucumber, strawberries and raspberries. It tastes delicious and I am hoping to get through the day especially since its my mothers birthday! YIKES.

Either way, I wanted to share with you some fruits and vegetable combinations. I will share with you a link that you may visit and I will post some images as well just so you can get a mental pic! Have fun and have a very great Saturday!

  • Weight Loss


27% Pineapple
Beet Root
21% Beet Root
21% Carrot
15% Orange
6% Spinach
Cabbage (red)
5% Cabbage (red)

  • Weight Loss


29% Apple
24% Cucumber
21% Orange
14% Kale
6% Celery
3% Lemon

Mean Green 30oz

  • Weight Loss


30% Apple
25% Cucumber
21% Celery
18% Kale
4% Lemon
Ginger Root

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Changing your life for RECOVERY!

One of my biggest challenges has been weight loss. It never really has been a challenge because I was a pretty good decent weight, I am gorgeous and fabulous! LOL. But as I got older consumed with love of job and a new career I gained weight. I lost sight of my priority - ME. I started 2014 on a health challenge not just for a month or two but forever. My short term goal is to lose 50lbs by the end of the year. I have lost 7lbs but that is about it. I got a trainer but I have stopped that in March because of my interesting things that have popped up in my life, like a trip to Washington D.C. to hang out with President Obama and the Valor24 families.

As I am visited my parents in South Texas as did one of my older bros from West Texas. He shared something with me and my sister. A movie that inspired him to gain control of his life, weight and reboot his body. 

I strongly encourage you to check this website out on "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead." This trailer below is about 5 minutes long but I promise its straight and to the point.

Now, many of you have been asking is juicing safe? What is juicing? How do you juice? Well, first of all you need to inquire you medical doctor before you proceed just to make sure. Then you need a juicer, and your vegetables and fruits. I am in a transition phase, I have incorporated one juice to replace one meal a day. I already portion my meals and well, my alcohol habits have been changed. Something I am very proud of.  Now, this trailer is just five minutes. I strongly encourage you to watch the full movie. It is on Netflix. Watch it on your ipad, iphone, TV whatever but DO IT! I promise you, you will have an understanding and I hope will change your mind about the way you eat. 

After watching this video that my brother really encouraged has motivated me to do the full 10 days. I am glad to say that I am starting a recovery and I am going to reboot my body. For those who know me, know that I do have some weird food allergies and a very sensitive stomach.  So this experience is something I am really looking forward to doing. It's a 10 day juicing body detox. I am excited, I know it will not be easy but hey I have conquered far worse than juicing for 10 days. 

CHEERS to continuing to enjoy a new health lifestyle! :-) and do not worry, I will keep you posted. I will try to document my 10 days through one blog post a day. 

I just had to write and share this with you. Maybe you can join in on the fun and change your life for the best. Your body will thank you. 

Peace and Love.