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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Feckless was the word of the day....

As I attempt to keep a record of my life encounters there was a word that we did not use in last Monday's Toastmaster's meeting, "Feckless."  I sure wish I knew this word existed because last week was a day that I felt pretty much feckless.  As I reflected on what I thought was a weakness was more of loneliness. But, I am proud to say that I am long passed that. 

My life now is in a different direction. I feel like I am fully settled in Austin. I got my nameplate, my new office, my new business cards "Maricela De Leon, Capitol Chief of Staff."  Although I have gone through so much to get where I am at, I am now working on positioning myself for a long term career in government.  I enjoy communicating with people especially interacting with them. It is what makes me happy. But, more importantly being within the circle of individuals that have the power to make change. I believe I carry some sort of influence but my opinion is given when it is asked for.

I do not feel weak nor am I a weak individual.  As I look forward to the road ahead of me I am determined to be secure in a career that gives me much fulfillment, desire and love to do what is right. One thing that just amazes me is that I feel as though I have not accomplished enough. I feel as though there is something else out there for me to do or be a part of. I am not certain what my purpose is but I am determined to keep doing what I have been because the road ahead seems pretty promising and exciting.

Just the other day I met two ambassadors.  The ambassadors were from Ukraine and Philippines. I would love to be an ambassador one day. I believe that would be very exciting and also a great contribution to my country and my community. When I dream, I dream BIG. I believe in myself and my abilities and I honestly don't believe in those who would put me down and my successes.

I have learned so far that life isn't easy, its definitely what you make out of it. I will be sitting on panels talking about important issues and seeing through that leadership is important for the success and improvement of every one's lives. I know what it is to struggle and I do not wish that on anyone. I am so glad that my education at a very early age taught me to be responsible, socially responsible and be a leader, a leader of action.  I will continue to do my part and I am very thankful that at such a young age I have accomplished so much.


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