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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

ART Reception with Special Guest Speaker Joe Straus

Was invited to attend a reception with Speaker Straus this evening. Must say it felt good to be surrounded by colleagues and friends at this event. Reality has sunk in and I am a self dependent individual breaking the glass ceiling.

I had the pleasure of catching up with former Rep. Rodney Anderson, Rep. Burkett, Rep. Larry Gonzales and last but not least former Rep. Dee Margo. Its amazing how I have worked around these amazing leaders as a former staffer and continue to be among their midst.

Also had good conversation with Senator Cornyn's Campaign Manager and former staffers was just as fun. I was reminded today I have to always be on my A-Game and I am a proud RGV native, UTPA alum; proud to be ME!

More so than anything, having the Speaker remember me was priceless!

I met some new friends as well. What can I say I got some happy hour buddies to add to my list.  God, you definitely brought a smile to my face today. Thank you.

Peace and Love

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