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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Post Juicing - SUCCESS!

Okay people, not gonna lie those 10 days of juicing were def an experience. I lapsed maybe twice but I kept consistent towards the end of the days on my challenge. Must say my body felt very healthy, I had a lot on energy and have not had one cup of coffee during the challenge nor to date.

I actually will be juicing twice a day with one meal throughout my day. This is to help me establish a healthy weight and to help clean my stomach. So my words of wisdom are: when you decide to make that step stay committed and follow through. You will not see any result unless you stay consistent. Also you should weigh yourself and measure your body and upon completion, do not do daily, re-measure yourself and weigh yourself. You will see your results.

I am so proud of my sister. She did this challenge as well, well she encouraged me to do it with her and she lost a total of 8lbs. She feels very healthy and feels so good! I am so proud of her.

Alright, if you have questions for me let me know! Comment on this post.

Peace & Love

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